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Anti-Static Polyimide Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape

For over two decades, KT-805 has been the premier choice for all your electrical insulation and masking needs. It is used in the production of a wide array of products from cell phones to satellites and everything in between.

KT-805-AS is a 1 mil anti-static (ESD) treated high performance polyimide film tape with silicone adhesive
which provides the ultimate in printed circuit board protection. Thin and conformable with outstanding
puncture, tear and abrasion resistance at elevated temperature and leaves no adhesive residue upon
removal. KT-805-AS is an optimal product for gold finger protection during wave solder or hot air
leveling process and in applications where electrostatic discharge is a concern.  KT-805 A mil is great for masking of uneven surfaces, has a wide operating temperature range up to 260°C (500°F), is excellent for electrical insulation, removes cleanly without adhesive residue after exposure to heat /chemical and is anti-static.


This item is stocked in logs and can be custom converted to your requirements.

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Formerly known as T805, T-805.